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New York's Business Case for Solar

The past two decades of solar thermal and photovoltaic research have ended the era of batteries and constant maintenance. Current technology
in solar systems, small to large, is easy to use, more efficient and more reliable than at any time in history.

High Energy CostsNew York State IncentivesHigh ROI Property ValueStronger NY State Economy
  Images courtesy of Solar One.

Peace of Mind Investment with Enduring Returns

Easy Integration of Clean, Domestic Energy

New technologies mean seamless integration with your building’s electrical system, automated operation and zero change
in the way you interact with your utility company. The enduring nature of solar systems, often twenty-five years beyond
their initial payback period, means reliable energy production and steady returns.

Lower Electricity Bills, Permanently

On-site solar generation of your own electrical power frees you from volatile energy costs but keeps you connected to the
utility grid. Your regular monthly utility bill reflects your ongoing savings & even credits your account at times
when your solar array generates excess power.

Lighter Footprint:

Cutting NYC’s asthma rate and our deadly heat island effect, your solar power produces zero CO2 or Greenhouse Gas (GHG)
emissions and increases all New Yorkers' quality of life.

Thank you! You're making New York cleaner, greener and independently powered!


Steve Gilbert, Founder/President
e: info_web@EnergyParadiso.com
p: 347.767.6353